Primate Sanctuary

Visitors to Monkeyland are taken on monkey safaris in our indigenous forest by our game rangers. On these safaris you can expect to see many species of monkeys ranging from the Gibbons of Asia and Howlers from South America to the Lemurs of Madagascar. All our primates behave, feed and live in a natural environment. At Monkeyland you are privileged to step into their world to explore, and learn fascinating facts about primates, first hand.

Our knowledgeable ranges will tell you all about these fascinating creatures as you encounter them free roaming in our magnificent forest. They will also point out, identify and explain the many wonders, of the wild from the rich diversity of bird life to the intricate working of our indigenous forest. Part of the safari, for those who wish, includes walking across a rope bridge which spans a canyon above the forest canopy giving you a birds eye view of a section of the forest and its inhabitants otherwise seldom seen.


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