Palisade Fencing

Security Fencing is rapidly becoming a prerequisite in our society. Secure 4 Life have developed a range of barrier systems for home and industrial applications. Our choice of material is 3CR12 - a corrosion resisting material that offers superior corrosion resistance and superior strength over materials that have been used in this industry up until now.

Our existing range includes fencing, security gates, as well as wall spikes. Secure 4 Life security products are produced by a joint venture between the Mpumalanga Stainless Initiative (MSI) and Alternative Metallurgical Solutions (AMS). We are based in Middelburg, with distribution networks and erectors in the major cities around South Africa.


Visit Secure 4 Life on the web at www.secure4life.co.za
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082 971 8879
Secure 4 Life, PO Box 3595, Middelburg, 1050

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