Supplier of Stainless Steel Vessels

Grotto is a South African based manufacturer of stainless steel vessels and associated equipment. The company offers a turnkey service encompassing design, manufacture, transport and installation to clients across a wide range of industries throughout Sub-Saharan Africa.

Grotto has a proud record of more than thirty years of supply to the South African and international wine industries.

From the introduction of specialized new vitrification equipment, to customized installations for individual clients, the company's ongoing role in this market is evident through countless successful installations in a range of wineries from small family staffed operations right up to the large co-operatively owned commercial producers.

Grotto has a long history of supplying tanks to the food and beverage industry. An initial focus in the fishing industry has grown into a much wider product range, which has included the manufacture of such diverse vessels as mixing and milk storage vessels, yeast dryers, flour silos, retorts, screw conveyors, ovens, dryers, deodorizers, cyclones, packing tables, cookers and canning equipment. The company is now focused on the design and manufacture of high quality, cost effective tank solutions to the dairy, and general beverage industries, for clients throughout South Africa and the greater African market.


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