Bird of Prey Centre

Founded in December 2001 by Hank and Tracy Chalmers, Eagle Encounters is a bird of prey rehabilitation, education, conservation and eco-tourism centre. As a self-funded, non-profit establishment, we rely on the income generated by tourism to drive our numerous programmes. The long-term vision is to do our part in preserving the eco-environment, by protecting birds of prey through the release of prime rehabilitation candidates, and through creating community awareness.


Eagle Encounters' core function is the rehabilitation of birds of prey. We receive birds that have been injured; poisoned or illegally removed from nests, our primary objective in every case being to release a healthy; fit; successfully hunting and able-breeding raptor back into the wild.


Experience has taught us that rehabilitation without education is fruitless. Our children deserve to inherit the gift of a balanced eco-system; an environment that is teeming with vital, self-sustainable life! Whilst education provides the building blocks that promote awareness and direction, interaction forms the corner stones between a passive understanding and an active will to conserve.


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