Emergency Medical Care

At E.M.O our goal is to provide early treatment to those in need of urgent medical care,.and ultimately arrange rapid transportation to an emergency facility.

People's lives often depend on the quick reaction and competent care of emergency medical practitioners and paramedics. Incidents such as automobile accidents, heart attacks, sports injuries, childbirth and gunshot wounds all require immediate, proficient medical attention. E.M.O provides this vital service as they administer emergency medical care and then arrange onward transportation for the sick or injured to the nearest medical facility.

Why E.M.O?

1. We are a phonecall away
2. We attend in a heartbeat
3. Our fee is less than your daily newspaper
4. One membership convers an entire household
5. Family membership includes domestic staff
6. We keep an extensive database

Our Vision

To be the leading national provider of emergency medical response to corporates, families and individuals as well as increasing stake-holder value as a reliable, effective and highly trained team of emergency medical professionals.

Emergency Number

072 99 66 33 7


Visit Emergency Medical Operations on the web at www.emergencyoperations.co.za
Contact Emergency Medical Operations
021 853 5978
22 Potgieter Street, Gants Centre, Strand Industrial, Strand, 7140

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