Excellence in Agricultural Research

The ARCís vision reflects its core business and celebrates its unique role, acknowledging its position as the principal agricultural research institution in South Africa. The vision highlights the need to harness ARC capabilities to ensure that it becomes an organization known for its excellence in its core area of business. This vision is underpinned by the ARC mission.

The Agricultural Research Council is a premier science institution that conducts fundamental and applied research with partners to generate new knowledge, develop human capital and foster innovation in agriculture, through technology development and dissemination, and competitive commercialisation of research results, in support of developing a prosperous agricultural sector.

This articulation of its vision enables the ARC to stress:

- The importance of basic research as much as applied research capabilities;

- The need for a strong partnership model to supplement is internal

- Developing the internal capabilities of the ARC through targeted

- The transfer and dissemination of the products or research results of the ARC to facilitate technology in agriculture and competitiveness of clients;

- The need for the whole agricultural sector (including resource poor farmers) to become sustainable.


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