stainless steel borehole cylinders

With SuperMax borehole cylinders, you can do away with:

- Rust in the system

- Rough particles in the borehole

- Holes in the galvanised pipes

- Wear and tear of wind pump head

What makes SuperMax so unique?

1. Rust-free parts
2. Vacuum seal (the tube is protected because of rough particles being swept away)
3. Galvanised pipe acts only as a guide (water gets delivered through a plastic pipe)
4. Wear and tear limited on wind pump head because it only works on an upward movement
5. Guaranteed to lift 150m
6. Available is various sizes [2" (50mm), 2.5" (60mm), 3" (73mm), 3.5" (81mm)]


Contact Supermax Borehole Cylinders
021 981 3774
PO Box 301, Brackenfell, 7561

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