Advanced Vibration Technology

The Power Plate's advanced vibration technology is the most innovative health and fitness tool in the industry today. Backed by over 40 years of scientific research, vibration training enables users to achieve a higher level of fitness and ultimately enhance ones quality of life.

What is Power Plate?

Power-Plate generates a natural reflex. A stretch reflex occurs when a doctor taps your knee with a hammer causing your quadriceps to contract and your foot to kick forward. Similarly the Power-Plate uses the body’s natural reflexes to cause rapid, involuntary muscle contractions in response to the multi-dimensional vibration.

Think of it as jumping off a step and the muscles reacting to the impact of hitting the ground, and then imagine doing so at up to 50 steps every second. In this way, results that are usually very hard to achieve with conventional exercise, are easily achieved with the Power-Plate.


• Increased metabolism and accelerated weight loss: Power-Plate® will intensify fat burning and improve the resting metabolism.

• Improved strength and muscle tone:
Power-Plate is especially beneficial in strengthening the stabilisers, core and deep tissue which is difficult to train with conventional methods.

• Cellulite and cosmetic consequences:
Power-Plate loosens up coagulated tissues and adhesions, breaks down fat cells, improves the mobility of tissue layers, breaks down cellulite, reinforces connective tissue and improves skin tone.

• Activated circulation and improved lymph drainage:
An immediate and substantial increase in blood circulation as a result of the muscle pump effect feeds the muscles and cells with essential nutrients and oxygen, and removes waste products at a very high rate through the lymph drainage system.

• Increased bone density:
Research has shown that Power-Plate stimulates the growth of bone tissue, reducing and even reversing the effects of osteoporosis. Combined with stronger muscles and improved sense of balance, it reduces the risk of falling.

• Increased production of repair hormones, faster recovery and anti-aging effects. The intense training stimulates the body to produce high levels of human growth hormone, testosterone and IGF-1, which are essential in repairing and regenerating the body, burning fat and keeping the body young.

• Elimination of stress effects
Power-Plate decreases cortisol levels, while it stimulates the release of the “feel-good” hormones serotonin and neurotrophine, which make us feel good and support our thinking processes

• Improved flexibility and range of motion: reflex relaxation of muscles, intense circulation and warming of the muscles and tendons enhances flexibility and range of motion.

Contact Maureen Coetzee to enquire regarding machine availability & prices, or to get a personalised Power Plate excercise and diet program. Please refer to the contact details below.


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