Garage Door automation & Venetion Blind Installation

ABF Solutions are suppliers of venetian, roller and cascade blinds - made from either wood, grass, reed or bamboo. They also supply garage doors and automation associated and needed for garage doors or security gates, in the greater Cape Town area.

Garage Doors

All garage door are manufactured and supplied by Roos Garage Doors. With a wide range of diagonal, horizontal or tip-up slats and single or double panel doors, contact us and we'll get you the best deal.

Left: Single 10 panel; Right: Single 30 panel

Garage Door Automation

Our motors are one third horsepower 220V motor. It is a chain drive system making it a smooth, quiet operator with minimum maintenance. We have a 6 year warranty on the electrical motor and a full two year guarantee on the system. There are over 23 000 installed in the Western Cape and there are virtually zero comebacks within guarantee and beyond.

Venetian Blinds

The venetian blind is a good solution not only in offices with glare problems from computer or TV screens, but also in private homes where there is the desire for an elegant modern solution that allows no light to enter and that ensures total privacy.

These blinds comprise high tensile, vinyl coated aluminium slats. Standerd slat widths are 16mm and 25mm. All pins are made from stainless steel to prevent rusting (at the coast this cannot always be guaranteed yet the life span is far longer than that of metal pins). Cords, ladders and head- and bottom rails are colour co-ordinated to match the colour of the slats.

Alarms and Access Control

ABF Solutions can also help you with alarm and access control systems. All our security systems are top of the range products supplied by Spectrum Communications.


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