Sunless spray on tanning

Spraytan are the local distributor of AVIVA Labs sunless tanning products, for the ideal all over tanned look in minutes.

Spray tanning is a healthy alternative to sunbed tanning and direct sun tanning. Spray tanning has long been used by salons and spas for clients who prefer the non painful way of developing a bronzed and tanned look. Our sunless tanning will give your an all over tan, shaded to look more natural than possible from normal tanning.
Sunless tanning is fast and durable - ideal for creating those special moments, when you need to look good for a photoshoot or a social function.

Spraytan offers a full range of products and equipment for the application and maintenance of professional water based spray tanning and home self tanning.
We also offer tanning machines and mobile equipment that our agents can bring the process to your doorstep.

Spraytan offer a superior tanning experience, through the following products:
- Exfoliant for proper pre-tan skin preparation.
- Sunless Tanning Gel contains the Skin Rejuvenating System which heals dehydrated and permaturely aging skin.
- Moisturising Creme imbues your skin with silky softness without any oily or sticky feeling.
- Skin Glow (Tan Extender) is the careful balance of moisturizer and a maintenance concentration of sunless tanner (DHA) to keep the sunless tan fresh in between sunless applications.

If you are looking for a nearby salon or spa that offers our treatment, or looking to purchase a franchise from us, feel free to contact Spraytan at your earliest convenience.


Visit Spraytan on the web at www.spraytan.co.za
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