Security Solutions

Enforce is a company that specialises in security solutions offering you the highest level of personalised service from the highest calibre personnel

Enforce brings something new to the security field through their unique ability to effectively combine various products and services into one leading edge security solution, customised to a specific client’s industry and site.

They offer a full range of specialised security services focussed on the Commercial, Retail, Industrial, Community, Hospitality, Health Care, Mining and Special Events market sectors.

With Enforce’s wide range of resources and expertise, you can be guaranteed an innovative and flexible solution that meets your unique requirements.


Visit Enforce Security Services on the web at www.enforce.co.za
Contact Enforce Security Services
021 511 5555
285 Voortrekker Road , Maitland , Cape Town , 7405
P.O. Box 616 , Maitland , 7404

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