"Waterless" wash, wax, polish & sealant

NO-WET is a Revolutionary STATE OF THE ART Concept in "WATERLESS" WASH, WAX, POLISH & SEALANT. NO-WET contains 17 major active ingredients plus the finest CARNAUBA WAX, KAOLIN CLAY & POLISHING AGENTS AVAILABLE!'.... NO-WET is the only product that can make that claim!

The Advantages of No-Wet

1. Wash, wax, polish and sealant all in one.
2. Provides UV protection against paint fading.
3. Dispels mist, condensation and steam from visors, glass and windows.
4. No water, hoses, buckets, sponges, soaps or brushes needed.
5. Fast, easy and simple to use.
6. No silicones, adhesives, abrasives or harmful chemicals.
7. Environmentally friendly.
8. Non-static


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