Super low prices on car hire

Do you need the best deal on short or long term car hire in Cape Town? Look now further than Drive Africa (now powered by Dot Travel). Here to help with car hire South Africa or 4 x4 (4by4) hire Cape Town, no one can be cheaper.

Drive Africa has between 50 - 60 vehicles for sale / cars for sale, buy back cars available in all categories, from VW Golf up to Toyota Hilux 4x4 (fourbyfour) fully equipped. Explore Southern Africa in your own car. Quality and safety are their priority.

Drive Africa believes in taking care of all their clients. They treat the confidence of their clients carefully. Buying a car in South Africa is not as easy as it seems.

They also do not spend their money on expensive advertising campaigns, because the client is their advertisment.


Visit Drive Africa Car Hire on the web at www.driveafrica.co.za
Contact Drive Africa Car Hire
021 447 1144
370 Main road, Observatory, 7925
P.O. Box 13924 , Mowbray, 7705