From the heart of the vine

Van Ryn's insistence on quality brandy making starts with the selection of grape varieties. Chenin Blanc and Colombar grapes are harvested, and the free run juice fermented to a crisp, fruity young wine.

This is then distilled not once but twice, in small copper pot-stills, for a more delicate, refined brandy. Distillation yields first the "head", following by the "heart" and then the "tail". Of the three, the heart is the purest, and the only part of the distillate that is captured for maturation.

A fine brandy owes as much to the wood it is matured in as to the grapes from which it is made. The wood itself imparts character to the brandy while it ages. For this reason, French oak is imported and used to make small barrels, which allow greater contact between the brandy and the flavours of the toasted oak.


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